Quantified Self Experiments / Health - My sleep quality vs healthy population


What did i do?

I've measured my sleep quality and quantity and compared with healthy population

How did i do it?

I've used Dreem 2 EEG headband for 160 nights.

What did i learn?

I need to focus on is lowering awake time during night, which should result in less sleep fragmentation and increased sleep quality.


Healthy sleep is required for maintain general health. The purpose of this analysis is to compare how far from healthy population my sleep is.

Materials & Methods


Adult male (n=1) anthropometrics was described in previous article

Experimental design

During 160 nights (from 2020-08-27 to 2021-09-08) sleep quality and quantity was assessed by Dreem 2 EEG Headband which was validated[1] against gold standard PSG. Measures of interest:

As a reference data from a scientific publication will be used [2]


Visual inspection of sleep data:

Purple - DEEP, Cyan - REM, Blue - LIGHT, Orange - SOL, Red - WASO. All measurements in hours.

Sleep disturbance inspection:

Orange - count of awakenings (left Y axis), Red - position changes count (left Y axis), Blue - sleep efficiency (%, right Y axis).

Sleep statistics

Mean SD IQR Healthy mean Healthy SD Hedges G Effect size Direction
TST, min 430 51.6 [408,468] 427.5 38.1 0.05 None same
DEEP, % 21.7 5.4 [18.2,24.6] 9.3 6.8 2.16 Large better
REM, % 20.1 6 [15.6,23.9] 21.6 4.7 -0.25 Small worse
LIGHT, % 49.8 6.9 [44.9,54.9] 62.3 6.14 -1.84 Large ?
SOL, min 19.2 11.1 [11.8,22.7] 18.5 19.6 0.05 None same
WASO, min 26.3 22 [13,32] 46.6 38.9 -0.77 Medium better
AWAKE, % 9.6 5.3 [5.8,11.8] 6.6 5.8 0.55 Medium worse
SE, % 89.1 5.6 [86,93] 89.3 7.9 -0.03 None same

N = 39 for healthy adult data and N = 160 for my data. Healthy data is between sjubject, my data is intra-subject. Base for percentages is TIB


Comparing intra-subject differences versus between-subject is not a good method, but should be enough for rough comparison:

Most important thing to focus on is lowering awake time during night. Since i'm 34y and most of my sleep metrics differs not significantly from 19-30y population i conclude my sleep is fairly good.

Important to note a weird lower percentage of deep sleep and higher light sleep from reference study. This might be because of lab environment and i dont take these metrics seriously. More importantly to focus on what was worse - awake time.

Data availability & Information

Welcome for questions, suggestions and critics in comments below.

Data is fully available here.

Statistical analysis

Effect sizes based on Hedge's g, Cohen's 1988 rules