Quantified Self Experiments / Health - Waist to Hip ratio

Does excess fat cause health issues?

Obesity is a major health risk factor and waist to hip ratio (WHR) is seems to be a good proxy to excess adipose tissue. Lets explore a few studies to find out which WHR has the lower mortality risk?

What science says about WHR?

This study investigated 82,862 participants and we can see that a BMI 24-30, WHR <0.95 and Waist 80-95cm  seems to be safest one:

Upper row is for all-cause mortality and lower for cardiovascular mortality. Data is sex and age adjusted.

Another one had 359,387 participants and we can see BMI 24-27, WHR 0.8-0.92 and Waist 85-92cm is best for men and BMI 23-26, WHR <0.78 and Waist 68-80cm is best for women:

After adjustment for BMI we can cleary see that less is better and optimal range for WHR is <0.94, Waist <94cm for men and WHR <0.79, Waist <78cm for women:

Huge meta-analysis of 2,528,297 participants from 72 prospective cohort studies points to Waist 84-96cm for men and <80cm for women:

WHR seems to be best at less than 0.86 for men and less than 0.74 for women.

Wikipedia reveals some recommendation from health organisations:

So whats the optimal range may be?

It's seems that WHR associated with lower mortality risk is in range of 0.8 - 0.95 for men and less than 0.8 for women.

What's my data?

Here is my data for last 14 months

Right scale: red line is a hip in cm, green is waist in cm. Left scale: WHR in %

As we can see my WHR mostly stays in range of 0.8-0.83 which is considered good for men and the trend is seems to be stable for that period. With Waist of 70cm im really thin and have a low body fat.

MRI scan of my abdomen reveals that I don't have excess adipose tissue

My BMI is 18.2 (62kg weight and 185cm height) which is considered low and seems to be in increased mortality risk range which is not good. It seems that i should spent more time on gaining muscle mass and resistance training.